Computer Systems

Virginia Tech, Computer Science
It's like ramming your head into a wall over and over!


CS 1044

Virginia Tech, Computer Science
Introduction to C++

Data Structures and Algorithms

Virginia Tech, Computer Science
CS 3114: Advanced data structures and analysis of data structure and algorithm performance. Sorting, searching, hashing, and advanced tree structures and algorithms. File system organization and access methods. Course projects require advanced problem-solving, design, and implementation skills.

Survey of the Recycle Bin

University of Virginia, Computer Science
CS 1003 - Survey of the Recycle Bin
Course covers the use of the recycle bin in the Microsoft Windows operating system. By the end of the course students will be proficient in both drag and drop deletion, and the use the delete key.

Intoduction to Twitter

University of Virginia, Computer Science
CS 2012 - Introduction to the use of twitter. Topics covered include tweeting and retweeting.

Psychology of Learning

Virginia Tech, Psychology
PSYC-2044: Survey of fundamental concepts, phenomena, principles of learning, traditional views of learning, biological and cognitive constraints, the role of animal models, and the utility of learning theory.

Intro to Programming in C

Georgia Tech, Computer Science
I am a TA for a class covering programming basics in the C language. Topics include program structure and data storage.

Ventilation Engineering

Virginia Tech, Mining Engineering
MINE-3584: Ventilation Engineering Subsurface ventilation systems. Ventilation planning and design, laws of airflow, airway resistance. Ventilation surveys, network analysis, ventilation economics. Ventilation software. Fan types, impeller theory, fan laws and testing. Mine ventilation thermodynamics. II