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HCI Affective Touch

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Bob's Research

Virginia Tech, Chemistry
Bob's Chemistry Project.

Carbon Nano-tubes Synthesis

Virginia Tech, Computer Science
This research project focuses on developing new ways to produce carbon nano-tubes inexpensively. The early testing of this material has proven to be extremely strong and inexpensive production could change the face of medicine, safety gear, and space travel. Project like this help Virginia Tech continue to invent the future.

GradShare Research

Virginia Tech, Computer Science
GradShare - A network allowing graduate students from around the world to collaborate by sharing documents and other content online. Particular focus on reseach projects and course documents such as homework and test material.

Audience and Content research was done in the form of surveys and interviews with graduate students at Virginia Tech. The result of that research and how it can and will be applied to GradShare will be posted here.

Touch Technology Integration

Virginia Tech, Computer Science
A brief study on how touch technology integrates with commonly used programs for enhanced experiments.

Study of Ports

University of Virginia, Computer Science
We are working to determine which of our variety of plugs fit in the ports on the back of our computer. Involves extensive use of trial and error.

So far 1 of 10 ports have been identified.

Georgia CS Research

Georgia Tech, Computer Science
Something about GUI, HCI, IA and other such acronyms.

The Affects of Virtual Reality on Learning Behavior

Virginia Tech, Psychology
A study to see whether using Virtual Realities as teaching aides has any effect on how well a student retains information.

Richard's Mining Project

Virginia Tech, Mining Engineering
Research on the long term psychological effects of mining. Particular focus on the extended periods of time spent in dark enclosed locations with a small group of people.